Bloomington pushing contractor to complete Switchyard Park by May 24, OKs $230K for more inspection services by design firm

cropped 2020-04-11 switchyard IMG_9739
Concrete forms ready for a pour at Switchyard Park in Bloomington on Friday, April 10, 2020. (Dave Askins/Square Beacon)

The planting of perennials and laying of sod at Bloomington’s new Switchyard Park was not expected to be done until spring. So it’s not surprising to see that kind of work in progress over the last few weeks.

But at their Thursday meeting, Bloomington’s redevelopment commission (RDC) members were told that more substantial work on Switchyard Park, beyond landscaping, was still not complete.

Examples of still unfinished work include a playground and pathways, according to the city’s operations director for the parks department, Dave Williams. He added that a “fairly sizable punch list” remains for facilities like the pavilion, the splash-pad building, and the police department substation building.

About the substation building, which is already being used by the police department, Williams said, “They are in business. But we are behind schedule.”

So the city now is pushing Weddle Brothers Construction to finish the whole project by May 24. The city is applying pressure with a clause in the construction contract that provides payment of $2,000 per day in liquidated damages to the city for a deadline last year that’s already been missed.

Calculated from Nov. 15 last year to the end of March this year, the damages add up to $274,000. That’s how much Bloomington believes Weddle Brothers Construction owes the city under the damage clause. And the clock continues to tick on that amount, from the city’s point of view. Continue reading “Bloomington pushing contractor to complete Switchyard Park by May 24, OKs $230K for more inspection services by design firm”

Alcohol sales at Switchyard Park OK’d by Bloomington park commissioners

cropped 2020-02-27 pavillion IMG_8028
Looking north towards the main pavilion and stage at Bloomington’s Switchyard Park on Feb. 27, 2020. In early spring, the area around the pavilion, and other parts of the park, will be sodded, according to director of parks and recreation Paula McDevitt. The 4-6 weeks it takes for the sod to take root will make the park ready for 2020’s season of events. (Dave Askins/Square Beacon)

Local alcohol beverage vendors who want to sell beer and wine at Switchyard Park will have a chance to do that on a trial basis this year.

The park, which was a $34-million project funded with tax increment finance revenue, had its grand opening last November.

At its Tuesday meeting this week, the board of park commissioners approved a proposal from parks and recreation staff to use outside vendors to sell alcohol at a limited number of Switchyard Park events in the coming 2020 season. Continue reading “Alcohol sales at Switchyard Park OK’d by Bloomington park commissioners”