Bloomington city council finally enacts scooter laws (Roll Call Votes: July 31, 2019)

Nearly four months after a package of laws regulating e-scooters first appeared on the Bloomington city council’s agenda, the legislation was approved on a 7–1 vote Wednesday night.

Cropped Scooter decoration IMG_0103
Scooters parked in downtown Bloomington a block off the courthouse square the morning of Aug. 1, 2019. (Dave Askins/Beacon)

In broad strokes the package of laws includes: licensing of companies by the city’s board of public works; caps on numbers associated with licenses; regulations for the way all scooter pilots—shared use or not—operate their scooters (e.g., yielding the right-of-way to pedestrians); regulations on the locations and manner of scooter parking (e.g., only if in upright position); safety features of scooters (e.g., configured so scooters cannot exceed 15 mph); data sharing; required public outreach; and affordability and accessibility.

Approved on Wednesday were some new wrinkles: a reversal of the council’s previous amendment to prohibit scooter parking on all sidewalks; and permission for scooter pilots to park scooters in the space between sidewalks and streets, subject to certain conditions.  Continue reading “Bloomington city council finally enacts scooter laws (Roll Call Votes: July 31, 2019)”