Margins, flipped results for mail-in versus in-person make Monroe County election stories

Much of the media coverage of 2020 primary elections focused on the mechanics of voting methods, instead of the campaigns.

That’s because the COVID-19 pandemic led the state election commission to postpone the primaries four weeks, from May 5 to June 2, and to make no-excuse absentee voting available for any voter. That meant every voter could vote by mail, instead of showing up in person to vote on any of the six days before Election Day or the day itself.

In Monroe County, a lot more people voted by mail, ahead of Election Day, than they did in 2016. Of the 26,791 voters who cast a ballot for this year’s primary, 17,785 (66 percent) did it by mail.

The 66 percent who voted by mail this year was more than twice the percentage who voted before Primary Election Day in 2016. The 2016 figure also includes mail-in ballots and in-person ballots cast during the early voting period.

Did the increased percentage of mail-in votes this year affect the outcome of any races? Maybe. Continue reading “Margins, flipped results for mail-in versus in-person make Monroe County election stories”

Democratic Party noms for senate, judge: Yoder, Krothe


Based on unofficial results of the June 2 primary, the Democratic Party’s nomination for the District 40 state senate seat is Shelli Yoder. The former Monroe County councilor prevailed over John Zody, the Democratic Party’s state chair, and Trent Feuerbach, with 81 percent of the vote. No Republican candidate appeared on the primary ballot for the District 40 senate seat.

Another closely watched race in the Democratic Primary was for the county circuit court judge Division 8 seat. Kara Elaine Krothe, an attorney in the county’s public defender’s office prevailed over Jeff Kehr, a Monroe County deputy prosecutor, with 68.5 percent of the vote. Krothe will face incumbent Republican Judith Benckart in the November general election.

The three county council incumbents—Geoff McKim, Trent Deckard, and Cheryl Munson—prevailed in the race for the Democratic Party’s primary for at-large county council seats. McKim, who was third among the incumbents with 24 percent of the vote, outdistanced Dominic Thompson by 12.5 points and Karl Boehm by 18 points. The November general election contest will feature the three Democratic Party nominees and two Republicans, James Allen and Zachary Weisheit.

[.pdf of June 2, 2020 unofficial cumulative results]

[.pdf of June 2, 2020 unofficial results by precinct]