Error Log

  • 2019-06-22 In a piece called “Could the blue bubble of Bloomington have a reddish tinge in City Council District 2?” published on March 19, 2019, the margin of victory by Republican city council candidates in District 2 was inaccurately reported for two years. In 2003, Republican Jason Banach prevailed over Democrat Susan Sandberg by an 8-point margin. In 2007, Republican Brad Wisler prevailed over Democrat Jillian Kinzie by less than a 1-point margin. The larger, inaccurate margins reported in the original piece were based on a pivot table, created by the Beacon, that incorporated vote tallies not just from the general elections those years, but also from the Republican primaries. The accompanying maps were rerun and replaced. The Beacon notes its errors here and has corrected them in the original piece, using <del> and <ins> tags to alert readers to the changes in the text.