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The B Square Beacon has been soft-launched since July 1, 2019. The writer is Dave Askins. Expect a hard launch with some way to support The Beacon financially (not a paywall) maybe sometime in fall 2019, but probably later.

The current focus is developing readership. If you appreciate The Beacon’s approach to covering local government, please share links among your friends on social media. Or use email to send them links to The Beacon’s coverage. Encourage them to sign up for the email list.

If you want your address added to an email list, so that you never forget to check what’s new on The Beacon, use the form below. You’ll get an update maybe three times a week with links to new stories posted on The Beacon. You’ll also get a short description of what’s planned for the next couple days. It’s also a convenient way for readers to send instant feedback or suggestions for topics they’d like to see covered. (Just hit “reply.”)